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ECOOP 2017
Sun 18 - Fri 23 June 2017 Barcelona, Spain

This is the list of papers accepted in the conference. Congratulations to all the authors! And thanks to the reviewers!

  • A Capability-Based Module System for Authority Control. D. Melicher, Y. Shi, A. Potanin, J. Aldrich
  • A Co-contextual Type Checker for Featherweight Java. E. Kuci, S. Erdweg, O. Bracevac, A. Bejleri, M. Mezini
  • Compiling tree transforms to operate on packed representations. M. Vollmer, S. Spall, B. Chamith, L. Sakka, M. Kulkarni, S. Tobin-Hochstadt, R. Newton
  • Concurrent Data Structures Linked in Time. G. Delbianco, I. Sergey, A. Nanevski, A. Banerjee
  • Contracts in the Wild: A Study of Java Programs. J. Dietrich, D. Pearce, K. Jezek, P. Brada
  • Data exploration through dot-driven development. T. Petricek
  • An Empirical Study on Deoptimization in the Graal Compiler. Y. Zheng, L. Bulej, W. Binder
  • EVF: An Extensible and Expressive Visitor Framework for Programming Language Reuse. W. Zhang, B. Oliveira
  • EvilPickles: DoS attacks based on Object-Graph Engineering. J. Dietrich, K. Jezek, S. Rasheed, A. Tahir, A. Potanin
  • A Generic Approach to Flow-Sensitive Polymorphic Effects. C. Gordon
  • Interprocedural Specialization of Higher-Order Dynamic Languages Without Static Analysis. B. Saleil, M. Feeley
  • A Linear Decomposition of Multiparty Sessions for Safe Distributed Programming. A. Scalas, O. Dardha, R. Hu, N. Yoshida
  • Mailbox Abstractions for Static Analysis of Actor Programs. Q. Stiévenart, J. Nicolay, W. De Meuter, C. De Roover
  • μPuppet: A Declarative Subset of the Puppet Configuration Language. P. Anderson, J. Cheney, W. Fu, R. Perera
  • Mixed Messages: Measuring Conformance and Non-Interference in TypeScript. J. Williams, J. Morris, P. Wadler, J. Zalewski
  • Mixing Metaphors: Actors as Channels and Channels as Actors. S. Fowler, S. Lindley, P. Wadler
  • Modelling homogeneous generative meta-programming. M. Berger, L. Tratt
  • Parallelizing Julia with a Non-invasive DSL. T. Anderson, H. Liu, L. Kuper, E. Totoni, J. Vitek, T. Shpeisman
  • Proactive Synthesis of Recursive Tree-to-String Functions from Examples. M. Mayer, J. Hamza, V. Kuncak
  • A Product Line for Declarative Data Modeling. D. Harkes, E. Visser
  • Promising Compilation to ARMv8. A. Podkopaev, O. Lahav, V. Vafeiadis
  • Relaxed Linear References for Lock-free Programming. E. Castegren, T. Wrigstad
  • Speeding Up Maximal Causality Reduction with Static Dependency Analysis. S. Huang, J. Huang
  • Strong Logic for Weak Memory: Reasoning About Release-Acquire Consistency in Iris. J. Kaiser, H. Dang, D. Dreyer, O. Lahav, V. Vafeiadis
  • Strong Normalization for Dependent Object Types (DOT). F. Wang, T. Rompf
  • Type Abstraction for Relaxed Noninterference. R. Cruz, T. Rezk, B. Serpette, É. Tanter
  • What’s the Optimal Performance of Precise Dynamic Race Detection? – A Redundancy Perspective. J. Huang, A. Rajagopalan